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    Default Help w/ generics

    I am not to sure if this works. It compiles just fine but is this the correct way to use generics?

    The assignment says "Write a generic method numberOf that takes an element and a list and returns the number of times the element appears in the list. Note the element may be of different type than the type of the entries in the list."

    Java Code:
    package listUtilities;
    import utilities.containers.*;
    public class ListUtil<E extends Comparable>{
       * Returns the number of times a generic element appears in the list. 
      public static <E> int numberOf(E element, List<? extends Comparable> list){
        int n = 0;
        for(int i = 0;i<list.size();i++){
          if ((list.get(i).getClass()).equals(element.getClass()) //check class equality
                &&list.get(i).compareTo(element)==0) //check value equality
            n++;//increment counter
        return n;
      }//end of numberOf
    }//end of class ListUtil

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    Default this the correct way to use generics?
    I'm not sure about your logic as I haven't examined it thoroughly, so I don't know if it will return the correct values. But your use of Generics looks syntactically correct... someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    This looks like fine to me. You've got the syntax right as far as i know.

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