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    Default use of onclick function

    Ok, I am trying to get this code so that when I select one of the buttons it selects the corresponding radio button next to it to hold the value until it is submitted by the autosubmit caused by the card swipe in the text box. I have been trying to use the java script funcion onclick but I can't get it to work. Any ideas or suggestions for a way to have the buttons hold their value without submitting would be greatly appreciated.
    PHP Code:
      while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($punchlist_result)) {
      echo "          <input type=\"button\" name=\"left_inout\" value=\"".$row['punchitems']."\" style=\"width: 129px;  border:5px solid #cc5500; height: 50px;\"
       <input type=\"radio\" name=\"left_inout\"  value=\"".$row['punchitems']."\"> <br><br> \n";
    echo " <br><br>\n";

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    If anyone knows I'm sure they'll assist. But fundamentally- you've chosen the wrong forum. In your code and question you use PHP, and mention javascript. This is the Java Forums. Best of luck.
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