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    Question Text matching based on a list/array ?

    I'm currently using an excel sheet to do something I'd really rather do on my website. I'm wondering if this can be done in Java perhaps?

    I need to be able to paste in a block of text (to a text area field perhaps) and have that text compared to a list of items. I want to have it output the original text but highlight the parts that match something in the list.

    I suspect I can use an array for the list but I have no idea how to get it to search for, and highlight the text.

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    Default Re: Text matching based on a list/array ?

    The String class has several methods you can use to help you search. The methods: contains, indexOf, substring and length come to mind.

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    Default Re: Text matching based on a list/array ?

    Highlight where?
    Are we talking in HTML?
    In which case String has a replaceAll() method ... which you would know if you had looked at the API, and that's a skill you really need to pick up.
    Replace the String with itself wrapped in whatever mark up is needed to priduce a highlight...and that's HTML, so not really relevant to here.
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