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Thread: Help with knowing if .split()[1] exists

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    Default Help with knowing if .split()[1] exists

    I want to do that if somebody types "!say ABC" then it would be able to acess only "ABC" and do whatever to it.
    so I have an
    Java Code:
    , then to get "ABC" I do
    Java Code:
    str.split(" ")[1]
    The problem is that if somebody types only "!say" with nothing that follows, the program crashes due to "out of bounds" or w/e. (because I am trying to access "str.split(" ")[1]" which doesn't exist).
    What if statement can I use to check if ".split(" ")[1]" exists?


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    Default Re: Help with knowing if .split()[1] exists

    Java Code:
    String[] split = str.split(" ");
    if(split.length > 1) {
       // split[1] exists
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