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    Default ClassNotFoundExeption

    what do i do? all i want is to play a game on yahoo. i was playing this morning. and now this keeps poping up. i deleted java totally from my computer. reinstalled it. i use google chrome. so i deleted that and reinstalled it. i tried safari, ie and mozilla. same thing. i can't figure this out. i dont' even understand what class is etc. i tried to look it up and see if i could figure it out. i am stuck, any simple way of fixing this besides taking a sledge hammer to my computer?

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    Default Re: ClassNotFoundExeption

    This is not something we generalyl deal with here, since this is a coding forum.
    But post the full exception and stack trace (the list of stuff after the exception) here and it might be something we can cover, but if the missing class is from the game then all we could say is get in touch with whoever wrote it. They may have updated the game and broken it for all we know.
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