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Thread: Is this a Java error?

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    Default Is this a Java error?

    I am not a programmer, but I need to know if this is a JAva error (see attached). If it is, what can I do to correct it, as a non-technical user?

    Basically, I am trying to download some MP3 files from MediaFire and the screen shot is the error message I get. Any and all help is appreciated.

    Well, it seems I can't attach a file; the attachment pop up just remains blank. Anyway, when I click over to Mediafire I get a box with the error message:

    'JSON' is undefined
    master_81744.js Line: 28
    code:0 Char: 278113

    Edit - I can email the screen shot to anyone who wants to take a crack at this....

    And the page stops loading. Help?



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    Default Re: Is this a Java error?

    No, it's a Javascript error. Different language - the usual humerous response is along the lines of "How do prefer your hamster: broiled, baked, or grilled on little pointy sticks?"

    Check that your browser has Javascript enabled. If it is, complain to whoever mainfains the webpage in question.
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