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Thread: How Capturing Sound Mic & Speaker with Java

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    Default How Capturing Sound Mic & Speaker with Java


    i need some help, i'm trying to capture any sound from my soundcard but only get the mic's sound. I wanna create a recording with both vias, input and output and save it to a wav or mp3 file, is that posible? thanks

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    Default Re: How Capturing Sound Mic & Speaker with Java

    Moved from Forum Guides. What made you think this question belonged there?

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    Default Re: How Capturing Sound Mic & Speaker with Java

    You cannot save to an mp3 directly, unless you use some external library. There are some nice pure java libs, jlayer used to be a good one back in the day, but it hasn't been updated in a few years, might not matter. There are others too.

    As for your other question about sounds source, can't say without seeing your code. I know on a Mac you can set the global sound input, and I think java respects that setting. It's possible the JVM can poll the OS and give you a list of sound inputs to choose from, but I couldn't say, I haven't played with in a a couple years.

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