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    Default Scanner skipping every other line

    close please, fixed myself

    mod edit: this was the original text:

    -Hey can someone please tell me why my scanner sometimes is reading only every other line?

    Java Code:
    Width = scan.nextInt();
    Height = scan.nextInt();
    Info = scan.nextLine();
    for(int row =0; row <2darray.length; row++){
    for(int col =0; col <2darray[row].length; col++){
    2darray[row][col] = null;
    Info = scan.nextLine(); 
    I think it is to do with the nextLine() and my for loop,
    Last edited by JosAH; 08-14-2012 at 09:31 AM. Reason: put back the original text.

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    Default Re: Scanner skipping every other line

    Instead of deleting your post you should leave it and post how you solved it so others with the same problem can see it.

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    Default Re: Scanner skipping every other line

    I put back the original text; editing the OP beyond recognition is possible but strongly advised against because it turns a thread useless.

    kind regards,

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