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    Default Need help with array reading

    Hello, I'm creating 2D FPS game with Slick 2D game engine. Where user need to shoot zombies. I made, that zombies would appear every 5 seconds. But I have I bug. If there are more than one zombie currently on the screen, user, can shoot only that, who appeared in the screen earliest. I will make example :
    5 seconds...
    Zombie 1 appears
    I shoot him
    5 seconds...
    Zombie 2 appears
    5 seconds
    Zombie 3 appears

    In this situation, I can shoot only zombie 2(he is the earlieast), and zombie 3 is untouchable.

    This is code, which checks if user hits zombie:

    Java Code:
    	Input in = gc.getInput();
    // Check every array element
    				for(int a=0; a<=counter; a++){
    					if(zombies[a] != null){
    						// Increasing zombie
    						// Checking if user hit zombie
    						if(((posX > zombies[a].getZombieX()) && (posX < zombies[a].getZombieX()+zombies[a].getWidth()))&&((posY > 600-zombies[a].getHeight()-zombies[a].getZombieY())&&(posY < 600-zombies[a].getZombieY()))){
    								System.out.println("Zombie "+a);
    								if(currentWeapon.getAmmo() > 0){
    							if(zombies[a].isAlive() == false){
    								zombies[a] = null;
    I realised, that this loop only checks earlieast array element, which is not null. But I need to check every element. (Counter variable, which is used in loop header, increases every 5 seconds, until he reaches 9).
    I added some println statements in the code, and realised, that my theory is true.
    So, how I can fix this? (Make loop to check all existing elements not only earliest)?

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    Default Re: Need help with array reading

    Moved from Advanced Java.

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