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    Default Any ideas for sorting data in a file in descending order?

    I'm making a Battleship game and I'm adding a top scores file. The file being written to will contain information like this:
    ***Name: Bob ***Score: 5000
    ***Name: Tom ***Score: 2000
    ***Name: Alan ***Score: 8000

    ...and I want the program to print it out like this, in order.

    ***Name: Alan ***Score: 8000
    ***Name: Bob ***Score: 5000
    ***Name: Tom ***Score: 2000

    This code snippet prints out the file as it is without the scores, but the names are not in order based on the scores. Under that are the scores in the order I want them using the Collections class, thats the best I could do. Any ideas? Thanks.
    Java Code:
    ArrayList<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>();	
    		try {
    			Scanner file = new Scanner(new File(filePath));
    			while (file.hasNext()) {
    				if (file.hasNextInt()){
    					System.out.printf("%s %s\t\t%s\n",,,;
    		} catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
    		for (Integer i : list)
    		System.out.printf("%d\n", i);

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    Default Re: Any ideas for sorting data in a file in descending order?

    Don't use a List, use a SortedSet.

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