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    Exclamation Multiple Subclasses

    Hi there i was wondering if its possible to do a superclass with multiple subclasses or something like that.

    for example:
    i would like to create a book class and a CD class
    the stuff that both classes have in common are

    "double price", "String author" , "String store" and so on

    however the CD class has " double trackrange"
    and class the book has " int pages"

    is it possible to use a main in order to call all subclasses?

    can anyone please use these examples and give me an answer?

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    Default Re: Multiple Subclasses

    You could make a super class something like Item, which has the common attributes of these to different classes. Then you can subclass this for Book and CD and you can absolutely handle them easily. Look into the instanceof keyword if you are storing them as an array/list of Items.

    Java Code:
    class Item{
     //shared instance variables
     //getters and setters
    class Book extends Item{
     //Book specific stuff
    class CD extends Item{
      //CD specific stuff
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    Default Re: Multiple Subclasses

    thank you, it helps alot now i can start trying to understand how inheritance works :)

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