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    Default Attempting to make a Law of Sines program

    Okay, so I've been making my own Law of Sines program (just because I can) and I've noticed something: Java seems to be automatically "set" to calculate on a radian "mode". I noticed this by inputing:

    Side b = 27.4
    Angle A = 49
    Angle B = 28.7

    If I compute this using my TI-84 calculator, I end up with an answer of 43.06 (rounded). This is because I have the mode set on degrees. Yet when I attempt the same thing with my Java program, I get 63.29, the exact same answer I get on my calculator if I have the mode set to radians.

    So my question is how can I "force" Java to calculate this formula in degrees, rather than radians? I have tried the Math.toDegrees() [and Math.toRadians() just to test it] on both the final answer, and each inputted angle, yet it seems to have no effect on the final result.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway!
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    Can't you use the combination between degrees and radian. But not sure it is easy, because I remember one of friend do that using complex numbers and stuff.

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