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    Default Java - Constructor Method versus Constructor

    Is there any difference between the constructor within a class that defines an object and the constructor method called using the new operator... or are they the same?

    for example

    Class ClassName
    public constructor(parameters)<-- Is this called a constructor?

    ClassName cn = new ClassName(); <-- Is this called a constructor method?


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    Default Re: Java - Constructor Method versus Constructor

    A constructor looks like a (non-static) method that has the same name as the class and no return type. If you construct a new object (with the 'new' opertor), the new operator allocates just enough memory on the heap and sets all bits of that memory to zero; next it calls your constructor so it can properly initialize all memory and do what it has to do. The memory is implicitly pointed to by the 'this' reference.
    So, if you rename the thing 'constructor' in your code example to 'ClassName' you have the definition of a constructor for the ClassName class.

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