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Thread: Please help me in this task. very important for me .

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    Default Please help me in this task. very important for me .

    The Implementation of a Client/Server Framework with Database Access

    I need to create three files: This program takes a studentís number as an argument. This program
    will send the studentís number as a request to the server and wait for the serverís reply.
    This program will display the studentís contact details once it receives from the server.

    2. This program is continuously waiting for requests from clients. Once
    the server receives a request, it will create a thread to process the request and send a
    response to the client. It means that the server follows the Ďthread-per-requestí multithreading model. The server maintains studentsí contact details in a table in a database. Each time the server receives a request, it will query the table for the corresponding
    studentís contact details.

    3. the Java implementation of request processing thread.
    i have to use Microsoft Access as the backend database, therefore
    need to use JDBC-ODBC bridge driver to query the database.

    i need to use UDP as the communication protocol to program the client and the
    server interaction.

    The following screenshots show the outputs of an implementation of the QueryClient and the
    StudentServer and the Contact table in the Microsoft Access database:
    Please help me in this task. very important for me .-1.png
    Please help me in this task. very important for me .-2.png

    Please help me in this i m trying since morning but couldn't do this.

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    Default Re: Please help me in this task. very important for me .

    Instead of images copy the contents of the command prompt:
    To copy the contents of the command prompt window:
    Click on Icon in upper left corner
    Select Edit
    Select 'Select All' - The selection will show
    Click in upper left again
    Select Edit and click 'Copy'

    Paste here.

    Do you have a java program that you are having problems with? Please copy and paste here the code and your questions.
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: Please help me in this task. very important for me .

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- particularly the second and third paragraphs.

    You might also like to go through:
    BB Code List - Java Programming Forum

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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    Default Re: Please help me in this task. very important for me .

    There are differences between asking for help and simply dumping your homework in the forum, and these include:
    • When asking for help, you show what you've done so far and ask as specific a question as possible.
    • When simply dumping your homework you do nothing more than dump the assignment without showing signs of effort.
    • Folks here think much more highly of folks who show evidence of effort in both trying to solve the problem and in trying to ask their question here.
    • Folks that show effort usually get decent answers. Homework dumps usually get ignored.
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