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Thread: What does the ampersand do?

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    Default What does the ampersand do?

    Right, I recently came across with this short piece of code:

    Java Code:
        for(int a=0; a<3; a++)
             if( (a&1)==1)
    Outputs: "bar, foo, bar, foo"

    The thing I do not understand in this code is the line " if( (a&1)==1 )". Doesn't & stand for "AND" in Java? IF a == 1 AND 1 == 1 DO... But that in that case the code would simply output "bar, foo, bar, bar". Could someone please explain this line to me?

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    Default Re: What does the ampersand do?

    The & is the bitwise AND operator. See:
    Bitwise and Bit Shift Operators (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Language Basics)

    The expression: (a&1)==1 tests if the low order bit of the variable a is 1. That would be true if a is an odd number.
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