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    Post Transfer Compressed Array from RS232 port to USB

    Hi all,

    I have a problem. I need to create a java program which transfers a compressed array (of noise pollution data) coming from an RS232 port, and going to a USB flash drive, but I have absolutely no idea how to start it. Please can someone help? I don't want the answers, but if someone could give me a general direction to head in, that would be great.

    I have researched this for about a week now and have come across many different advanced methods, which are really confusing (such as ByteArrayInputStream etc).

    Any help would be greatly apppreciated!



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    Default Re: Transfer Compressed Array from RS232 port to USB

    Basically you want to transfer data (bytes) from an RS/232 port to hard disk (it doesn't matter what the hardware interface is). So your problem reduces to the reading from the RS/232 port and writing to file. The latter is easy and can be done with the core classes (FileOutputStream is the class you want to use); for the reading from the RS/232 port you might want to have a look at the RXTX package (Google is your friend here).

    kind regards,

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