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    Default Classes in separate files


    I have one class that contains a main method, then another that does not. I want to be able create objects of the non main method class and be able to use them in any part of the main class. I'm also need to be able to get variables from the main class and use them in the class without the main method. Some people have suggested extending one class and importing one class, but when I do that the class can't find the file, should I move the class from my workspaces main file?

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    Default Re: Classes in separate files

    If your 2 classes are in the same package, then you can use the public and default members as well as the constructor freely between the 2 classes.

    If your 2 classes are in different packages, then you will need to import Class A into Class B in order for Class B to use Class A's public members. However, it sounds like you want Class A and Class B to be co-dependent on each other, and this does not sound like a good idea.

    For more info on access-control, see here: Controlling Access to Members of a Class (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Classes and Objects)
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