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    Default modification of a Chess prigram written in Java

    The program I like to use in playing Chess is written in Java. It appears to be an interpreter type program because is I change the extension from exe to txt I can view and modify it as if in Notepad. However, the program does not allow some features I would like to have, including a "backspace" (I have Macula Degeneration and sometimes miss type or miss move a piece) and also put out a banner saying "Draw" or "Check" or Checkmate-White Wins!" or "Checkmate-Black Wins". A listing of moves to a file would also be nice.

    I have AMD processor, I meg memory, XP Pro. I know PL1, FORTRAN, Dartmouth Basic and REXX but not Java. I have Regina REXX on the system.The txt file can be attached to an email if you wish to see it.

    I'm 83 years old and like to keep my mind active!

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    Default Re: modification of a Chess prigram written in Java

    Java is a compiled lanuage (byte code is the result of the compilation) and it's not really human readable; you were talking about .exe files (Java doesn't compile to a .exe file) and it seems to be human readable; are you sure we're talking about Java here?

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