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    Default Vertical-align form field in adobe acrobat


    First of all:i am creating a pdf form with adobe acrobat pro. i would like to customize the text in my form fields under the option: "customized formating script" with java.

    In another forum I found out how to get text vertically in the middle:

    <style type="text/css">
    #myoutercontainer { position:relative }
    #myinnercontainer { position:absolute; top:50%; height:10em; margin-top:-5em }

    ////this is one example of code that is used in the acrobat reader:
    var f = this.getField("myListBox");

    f.multipleSelection = true;

    how do I translate the code for "vertical-align: middle" in Java?

    Thanks alot in advance,
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    Default Re: Vertical-align form field in adobe acrobat

    This might be my lack of knowledge on making programs that can be implemented in PDF Forms, but, are you talking about Java the programming language or JavaScript, the Internet Scripting language? I ask this, because the examples you have are css and javascript, and I have no idea how to get the two to mix in a PDF... using Java. If you trying to use the Java Programming language for this problem, ignore this whole post.

    BUT! If you are looking for JavaScript, read on.
    You do something like this:"middle";
    If it is JavaScript, you use W3Schools Online Web Tutorials, as a reference. Most CSS styles can be dynamically implemented in Javascript. Look for JavaScript syntax:

    Lastly, this is a Java programming forum. Not a JavaScript forum.
    My API:
    Java Code:
    cat > a.out || cat > main.class

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    Default Re: Vertical-align form field in adobe acrobat

    Nothing to do with Java. Closing.


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