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    Default MouseListener for everything?

    I want to be able to have my program always know when the mouse is clicked. But all the examples I've seen only allow detecting clicks on a certain component. I want it to work so that all clicks, even on other things, for example clicking a link in a web browser, will register. Everything. Any help on this front?

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    Default Re: MouseListener for everything?

    So let me get this straight -- you want to capture *all* mouse input regardless if it involves your application or any other application that the computer is running, kind of a mouse-logger. If so, then Java is not the best tool for this as you would need to hook the mouse input on the platform level. Consider using C or C++ for this.

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    Default Re: MouseListener for everything?

    More importantly, why do you need a program with the capability to capture user activity in another program?

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