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    Default BI Publisher API modification

    I have been tasked with reengineering a Java API that accepts parameters from Oracle BI Publisher and returns a report to 10g. This requires me to modify the publicreportclient.class file in a .jar file, which was built by a contractor a few years ago. How can I modify the contents of the class file and add it back to the .jar? The .class file has been loaded with $ characters after decompiling/opening it in Oracle JDeveloper. Are the characters stand in representations of dot's ( . )? A example of what I 'm describing follows:

    call.setReturnClass(class$oracle$apps$xdo$webservi ce$ReportResponse == null && (class$oracle$apps$xdo$webservice$ReportResponse = _mthclass$("oracle.apps.xdo.webservice.ReportRespo nse")) == null ? class$oracle$apps$xdo$webservice$ReportResponse : class$oracle$apps$xdo$webservice$ReportResponse);


    The following appears to specify that the class cannot be found. How can I find the correct class to use, since I am reengineering contractor built code that I have no documentation for? Thanks.

    static Class _mthclass$(String s)
    JVM INSTR new #8 <Class NoClassDefFoundError>;
    JVM INSTR dup_x1 ;
    JVM INSTR swap ;
    throw ;

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