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    Default Help me with java program !!!

    Write a Java program for a bank that will calculate the monthly interest earned on a cash
    deposit. The user enters the amount deposited, the term, and interest rate. The program will
    then display a table listing for the month, interest, total interest, and account balance for each
    period. For example, if the amount deposited is $2000.00, the term is 6 months and the
    interest rate is 2%, the following output will be displayed: [10 marks]

    Period Interest Total Interest Total Balance
    1 6.66 6.66 2006.60
    2 6.69 13.35 2013.35
    3 6.71 20.06 2020.06
    4 6.74 26.80 2026.80
    5 6.75 33.55 2033.55
    6 6.78 40.33 2040.33

    Initial deposit: $2000.00
    Total Interest: $40.33
    Total Balance: $2040.33
    I can not solve the program because i do not know how to calculate the interest rate

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    Default Re: Help me with java program !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by quocdaicavt View Post
    I can not solve the program because i do not know how to calculate the interest rate.
    This is not a Java question but a math question, and you can find plenty of sites to show you how interest rate is calculated, including Wikipedia. Please feel free to come on back if you have a question related to Java coding itself. Please remember to show us your code attempt always and to explain in detail where you're stuck. Also, you'll want to use a more informative question title. "help me java program" doesn't tell us anything about what your problem currently is. Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Help me with java program !!!

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