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    Default cannot find symbol - variable length

    public static double averageLength()
    int count = 0; // to hold the number of words input
    int numberOfCharacters = 0; // to hold the total number of characters
    String word = ""; // to hold each word as it is input
    while (!word.equals("*")) // loop until the word input is "*"
    word = OUDialog.request("Please enter next word"); //input the next word
    numberOfCharacters = numberOfCharacters + word.length; // add its length onto the number of characters
    count++; // add 1 to the number of words
    return numberOfCharacters / count; // calculate the average by diving the number of characters
    // by the number of words and return the average

    when i try and compile this i get the error message cannot find symbol variable length. But i'm not sure why, I thought .length was a standard method of finding the length of a word?

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    Default Re: cannot find symbol - variable length

    All the String methods are listed here.

    Also, as you have used it length would have to be an instance variable, rather than a method. Maybe you are confusing things with an array which does have a length.

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