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    Default How to send application

    How can I send the class I wrote in Eclipse to a friend using email?

    *Main question: how do I compile it so it can work on his computer?*
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    Default Re: How to send application

    In Eclipse, right click the file you wrote, then select Export. Expand Java, and select Runnable Jar File. Then hit next. In the dropdown box, select your class and project(Launch configuration). Select where you want to save it, and hit finish. If you want a command line way, check out jar.exe in the JDK.

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    Default Re: How to send application

    Just make sure when sending the file it is a .jar file.
    Then he can launch it without the source code.

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    Default Re: How to send application

    They can launch it without the source code if it's just a single class file...or class files.
    The advantage of a jar file is that they can launch it by double-clicking the file (assuming both the jar file and java are set up correctly).
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