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Thread: skipping input

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    Default skipping input

    Hi, every1. I am new to java and i need to read in a text file.
    This is my text file.

    Name = Jack
    Address = 123 Ripley, Singapore 7666322

    I need to read in the "Jack" and the address without reading in the "Name =" and the "Address =" using Scanner.

    This is my method:
    Scanner input = new Scanner(new File(fileName));
    String name = input.nextLine().toUpperCase();;;
    String address = input.nextLine();
    new Customer(name, address);
    System.out.println(numOfCustomers+" records read.");

    can anybody suggest a better way of doing it if there is more than 2 variables?
    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the Java Forums windie

    Your logic should simply be to the tune of:
    i) read in the line
    a) read up to equals sign, disregard
    b) read past equals sign, true
    You can incorporate that logic into your code with a multitude of API methods available to you.

    See you around!
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