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    Default Help with setEnabled

    Hi guys!

    I have this problem... I want to disable my main window when another window from another class is called.

    This is the code of my that opens the new JFrame:

    Java Code:
    		if(e.getSource()== OpenFrame){ 
    			second_window.main(null); //it calls a new JFrame  and you aren't supposed to use the main window while the new one is active.
    			this.setEnabled(false); // this is why with this we disable the main window
    And this is the code of my secondary window called this closes the new window and tries to go back to the main:

    Java Code:
    		if(e.getSource() == btnGoBack){
    			this.dispose(); // it closes the second window
    // Here is the problem-------
    			main_window.main(null); // if I call main_window again now there are 2 of them, one enabled, one disabled, obviously I don't want that.
    // I need to find a way to enable from here (I guess) the main window
    Thanks in advance

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