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    Default warning pop up issue

    Hello All,
    i want to send a warning message(YES/No) to client side from server side based on some calculated values.
    After the warinig message user will click YES/No.then it will come to server side. At that time i want the calculted values which i had before sending the warning can i handle this.
    using Front End JSP
    For Bussiness we are using MVC architecture
    from the business java class (BO) i calculted some values Eg:calculated my age as 25 before sending the warning msg
    if (myage > 25 ) send warning msg anduser clicked yes/No and come back to BO.Now i need my calcuted age 25 in BO class i dont want to calculte again .

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    Default Re: warning pop up issue

    Either store it in the session (not a scalable solution in general) or pass the calculated values back and forth.
    You could persist them, though that's not a common one to use.
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