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    Default Problem with java


    First of all, i'd like to appologize for my bad english, i'm french ... maybe you can speak french

    I got a problem that has appeared suddenly although it was working perfectly the day and the month before.

    I'm using sf proxy with proxifier, it's not working anymore and i can't understand why, i even have reinstalled all my computer thinking it would work but it still doesn't ....

    im supposed to open sf proxy, then log to the game im playing [Moderator edit: irrelevant link removed] then clik sur play now, it opens a flash window on which i play. There im supposed to refresh ( f5) so that proxifier opens application firefox and plugin container and when it works, A new blue java window appears so that i can use the console sf proxy but it doesn't.

    I got a old computer on which it works perfectly...on the computer with wich im talking to you its been working for month & month and suddenly not ... why?? why??? i said myself it must be an update, java, windows, firefox or whatever... so i decided to erase all window 7 and reinstall everything... But its still the same.

    I don't know if u understand what my problem is. I don't know if you are supposed to help me and if u simply can ...

    That's why i ask you .. can you help me ??

    Would it help you to understand if i make a video on the computer on which it's working so that you see what it's supposed to do and another vieo of the computer on which it's not working ?? i could make the video on youtube so that you can read it easily ..

    all of my friends who use it don't have any problem...and im pretty 100/100 sure it come from a JAVA problem.

    Cordially Kilian
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    Default Re: Problem with java

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- especially the third paragraph.

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