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    Default Java and Html issue

    Making a webpage and trying to use java to make the site a bit more managable. I'm new to both languages.
    Here's my java file I'm trying to run


    var Index= 0;

    var NumComics = 1;

    var ComicArray = new Array(NumComics);

    public class Comic {
    public int ComicNumber;
    public String ComicTitle;
    public String ComicDate;
    public Comic(int a, String t, String d)
    ComicNumber = a;
    ComicTitle = t;
    ComicDate = d;

    function MakeArrays()
    ComicArray[0] = new Comic(12001, "The Grass is Always Greener", "July 1 2012");

    function WriteComicTitle()


    Here's the html I'm using to do what needs to be done.

    <script type="text/javascript"src="Scripts/Comic.js">WriteComicTitle();</script>

    Other then the line above in my html, all the html code works (tables pics etc..) However my java is not running. Here's what I have accounted for already; file paths are all correct, I have gone over the sintax a dozens times. What am I doing wrong here. I'm an experienced c# and c++ if that helps anyone understand why I may be makeing a stupid mistake here. thanks in advance for the help.

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    Default Re: Java and Html issue

    Quote Originally Posted by DanielOwsley View Post
    ... anyone understand why I may be makeing a stupid mistake here...
    Well, for one, you've asked your JavaScript question on a Java forum when you should be asking it on a JavaScript forum, since the two languages are not the same and in fact are very different. Fortunately Google can help you find your JavaScript forum. I will be locking this question soon as it is off topic for this forum. Best of luck with solving your problem.
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