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    Default Enhanced For Loop Array List Reference Question

    Im trying to make a texas hold em simulation app and have a question about enhanced for loop.

    Im trying to come up with a methodto locate a certain card in the deck. I constructed an ArrayList of Card objects each having two integer instance variables (Rank and Suit).

    Now in removing cards and adding cards back to the deck through the various deck methods i need a way to locate a certain Card Objects index in the array list deck.

    Im thinking i can use the enhanced for loop like so:

    Java Code:
    public int findCard(int a, int b)  {
           rankIndex = a;
           suitIndex = b;
       for(Card testCard : deck) {
               int testRank = testCard.getRank();
               int testSuit = testCard.getSuit();
               if( (testRank == rankIndex) && (testSuit == suitIndex)) {
    now from here im thinking in the if conditional statement body i should put

    Java Code:
    int findCardIndex = deck.get(testCard);
    return findCardIndex;
    break search;
    not sure if thats correct or if im making correct use of "break", or if break is needed since i declare return.

    im very new to java this site has been great so far

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    Default Re: Enhanced For Loop Array List Reference Question

    Returning a value from a method is sufficient - no need for the break, except that you need to provide a default return value (the compiler does not know whether the return in the statement will actually be reached). Next, assuming deck is a List, if you want to find the index of an object in that List then use the indexOf method.

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