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    Exclamation Breakout game : trying to change paddle width uploading different image , but failed

    this is piece of my code in paddle class :
    Java Code:
          public Paddle(){
    and this is where collision of special ball is detected on paddle and overloaded constructor is called , depending on ctr1/2 paddle is scaled along its width by calling overloaded constructor and loading a new image file
    Java Code:
                paddle = new Paddle(1);
                paddle = new Paddle(2);
    There is no compile time error but run time error the moment constructor is called and game freezes . Please help
    Thanks in advance for your time
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    Default Re: Breakout game : trying to change paddle width uploading different image , but fai

    • When you say you have a run-time error, are you causing an exception to be thrown?
    • And if so, can you post the Exception stacktrace?
    • Do you have any println debug statements to see what is happening when the game freezes?
    • What are you using for your game loop? A Swing Timer perhaps?
    • Is this a Swing GUI? AWT? Something else?
    • Will the ball intersect immediately with the new Paddle object? If so, will this keep happening ad infinitum?

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