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    Question Render line on screen from very top to very bottom?


    I am new to Java. I need to draw a thin line on screen from the very top of the screen to the very bottom of the screen (in other words... the line needs to go over the top (infront) of the Windows Task Bar (or Mac equivalent).

    1) Is such a line rendering technically possible?

    2) I need the line to "float" in-front of another full screen application. In other words...the front java app "window" is transparent (you can see past the line) ? Is this technically possible?

    I don't need any specific code at this time; just a "yes it is" and "here's verbally how" answer.

    Thank you very much for your help



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    Default Re: Render line on screen from very top to very bottom?

    You might be able to do this with a full screen application that takes a screenshot and draws onto it?
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