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    Question Exporting Eclipse main

    Ok guys so this is my code its my first basic hello world program (that worked)
    package me.BOSS.0boss;

    public class Basic {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    I wrote that in eclipse but when i export it out of eclipse as a final prodject i clicked runable jar becuase it needs to be a run able jar but when i export it it says
    JAR export finished with warnings. See details for additional information.
    Exported with compile errors: Checker/src/me/BOOS/0boss/
    So i just clicked ignore and then when i click open it didn t open i belive that if u save it as a runable jar it should open in a cmd window and that is your console bar so it should open a cmd window and print Hello i am also using a 64 bit jre7 if u no how to make it open like it should plz awnser thansk

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    Default Re: Exporting Eclipse main

    a) The code you posted isn't compileable - its missing a final bracket. b) export as a Runnable Jar, not a Jar c) Please spend a bit more time composing your posts, that is if you wish to receive help in a timely manner. The last paragraph your wrote is barely readable with its use of pseudo-words and abbreaviations

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