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    Default Java Assignment

    Hi. Can someone please help me with this Java assignment I am doing? I am having a lot of trouble with it. Here is the description of the assignment:

    Design and implement a class to represent a multiple-choice question on an exam. Each question consists of a section that asks the question, and then four choices of answer, each of which is a letter followed by the answer. For Example:

    What type of method is typically declared as private and static?
    a. Contructor
    b. Instance
    c. Class
    d. Helper

    The class should have attributes for the question, the four answers, and the correct response.
    An example call to a contructor for this class would be

    ExamQuestion q17 = new ExamQuestion("What type of method is typically declared as private and static?", "Contructor", "Instance", "Class", "Helper", 'd') ;

    The class should supply observers that return each of the attributes as well as supply a method that prints the question on System.out in the format shown above. Develop a driver that tests the class.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Default Re: Java Assignment

    Please ask a specific question to avoid giving the impression that you are dumping your homework here. See this and read a few other threads here for examples of what will, and what will not, elicit productive replies.

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