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    Default Java program for school

    HI guys i Need help for java program I am from civil background with zero programming Knowledge but my brother need java program for school assignment ( I know its bit odd but please help)

    Write a JAVA program using switch statement and if else

    Topic of program-Quiz

    display 5 subjects
    English maths science computer and GK
    ask the user to enter his choice(to choose a subject)

    For each subject display 5 questions with for option each
    if answer 1 is wrong then user will get disconnected
    if 2 3 4 is wrong let him continue
    Display a message write or wrong after each question
    keep the scorer which increments every time an answer is correct
    display the final score after the end of the 5 questions

    Just give any question or write for two subject will cover the rest
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Java program for school

    Please ask a specific question to avoid giving the impression that you are dumping your homework here.

    It doesn't matter how broken your code is, posting it helps a lot to let others know where you are coming from. A description of what is gong wrong (a compiler message you can't understand, a runtime exception or output from the program that isn't what you expected or intended) is also very helpful in describing both the problem and your current thinking.

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