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    Question is it possible to run an package in the command prompt

    Can we convert the package into .exe file and run it in command prompt.. If so can anyone please let me know how to do it... for example the package contains the windows form created using swings which takes in the details of the customers and stores into a database, can we run this package in the command prompt along with parameters required instead of in the windows form...

    Thank you... Waiting for the reply.......

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    Default Re: is it possible to run an package in the command prompt

    What have you tried? What did google tell you? Can't you just create a .bat file?
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    Default Re: is it possible to run an package in the command prompt

    You could run the package from the command line with parameters and no GUI if the package was written that way.
    Note, that has nothing to do with being an exe.
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