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    Default query on search engine

    Hi all,
    I have done core java before. I want to build a search engine that on entering "name" gives a bunch of data on the result page. I want to gather all data(name, age, pic, and all basic information which google provides in different links, but nothing too personal) and display on result page. I want to work with java and sql server(2000 maybe). I have not done anything advanced in java or sql, and I want to finish this in 3 weeks on 6 hour/daily basis. There are many topics I haven't read before. I so need to make an outline for this, so I can confidently steadily pour time at right place only.

    1. I will search 3 test names in google and imitate webpages of first 10 search results in my sql database. That will be my virtual world to work on. Is this database enough ? Is sql 2000, html and xml enough or I need to read javascript as well ?

    2. I will write code in java and connect to sql. That should do. So, what topics I need to cover in Java for this? I do have an idea, but your suggestions wil make me confident and also help in creating outline.

    3. There are couple of tools/APIs mentioned in other threads here and other forums. Hard to decide. Do you have any suggestion for APIs or tools I can modify ? Is this better or I shall stick to my database and write my own java code ?
    Feel free to give any suggestions or ask any questions.

    I am already reading and working, but not in much planned manner.

    Thank You for your time.
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