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    Default School program GUI output problem

    Hello, I am making a program for one of my classes. The program is working as intended but I think that the problem area is the output. The program is designed to accept user input for a sentence then an additional text box to accept a letter or a number that it will count how many occur in the first input of the sentence. However no matter what I do I get an output of this:

    Number of javax.swing.JTextField[,826,35,15x20,layout=javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicT extUI$UpdateHandler,alignmentX=0.0,alignmentY=0.0, border=javax.swing.plaf.BorderUIResource$CompoundB orderUIResource@1d5a0,flags=296,maximumSize=,minim umSize=,preferredSize=,caretColor=sun.swing.PrintC olorUIResource[r=51,g=51,b=51],disabledTextColor=javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResourc e[r=184,g=207,b=229],editable=true,margin=javax.swing.plaf.InsetsUIRes ource[top=0,left=0,bottom=0,right=0],selectedTextColor=sun.swing.PrintColorUIResource[r=51,g=51,b=51],selectionColor=javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource[r=184,g=207,b=229],columns=1,columnWidth=11,command=,horizontalAlign ment=LEADING]'s: 9

    Java Code:
    	results.setText("Number of " + searchText + "'s: " 
    			+ count);
    as you can see that is the code that is trying to execute. It does the "Number of" and the count section, as you can see the last part of the block of output haha. But the searchText isn't really working. Is it because I need to make a new string variable that will = the string that is the input for the searchText? Or what would you recommend?

    Here is my entire code:

    Java Code:
    import java.awt.BorderLayout;
    import java.awt.BorderLayout;
    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.awt.Container;
    import java.awt.FlowLayout;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
    import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
    import java.awt.event.WindowAdapter;
    import java.awt.event.WindowEvent;
    import javax.swing.JButton;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import javax.swing.JLabel;
    import javax.swing.JPanel;
    import javax.swing.JTextArea;
    import javax.swing.JTextField;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    Program Name: Index
    Programmers Name: Nicholas Anderson
    Program Description: This program checks the occurrences of characters, etc...
    public class indexClass extends JFrame
    private JFrame mainFrame;
    private JButton searchButton;
    private JLabel mainLabel;
    private JLabel searchLabel;
    private JTextArea mainText;
    private JTextField searchText;
    private JPanel panel;
    private JTextField results;
    public String userMainText, userSearchText;
    public int current, count;
    public char key;
    public indexClass() {
    mainFrame = new JFrame("Index Search");
    searchButton = new JButton("Search the letter");
    mainLabel = new JLabel("Enter text to be searched:");
    searchLabel = new JLabel("Enter a letter or character:");
    searchText = new JTextField(1);
    mainText = new JTextArea(5, 10);
    panel = new JPanel();
    results = new JTextField(15);
    mainFrame.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter() {
    	public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {
    SearchButtonHandler sbHandler = new SearchButtonHandler();
    Container c = mainFrame.getContentPane();
    c.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    panel.setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.CENTER));
    mainFrame.setSize(400, 300);
    class SearchButtonHandler implements ActionListener
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0)
    	String userMainText, userSearchText;
    	count = 0;
    	char key;
    	userMainText = mainText.getText().toLowerCase();
    	userSearchText = searchText.getText().toLowerCase();
    	key = userSearchText.charAt(0);
    	current = userMainText.indexOf(key);
    	while (current != -1)
    	current = userMainText.indexOf(key, current+1);
    	results.setText("Number of " + searchText + "'s: " 
    			+ count);
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    	new indexClass();
    Thank you any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: School program GUI output problem

    searchText is working fine. What you're trying to do is print out the toString() method of a JTextField, and as you're finding out, that's not what you really want to do. Instead you should extract the text that the JTextField holds using its getText() method, and then print out that. Most important, please read the JTextField tutorial as this is all well spelled out there.

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