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    Default Need a help on double-click jar file

    Hi All,

    I'm newbie to JAVA and I've created a application in JAVA.

    I like to create a jar file which might be executable by double-click in windows environment.

    Could you please guide me how do i create a setup / installation which would bundle JRE installation as well my JAR file so that after installation my JAR file run out of the box.

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    Default Re: Need a help on double-click jar file

    This will require 2 steps.

    First you need to place you app in a jar file. Google should provide links to some good jar tutorials.

    Next you will need to create an installer that will package your app and a JRE (if target machine needs it). There are products out there, don't know if any are free.

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    Default Re: Need a help on double-click jar file

    Here is a tutorial to make an executable jar file: How to make an executable JAR file.

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    Default Re: Need a help on double-click jar file

    for the JRE you might as well tell your users to quickly check this link Verify Java Version to see if they have java or not. If the user doesn't the little program that checks your system will recommend the latest JRE for download.
    It's an easier way out since sometimes your program could be a mere 50KB while the JRE is like 180KB.

    that's actually for the chrome install, the actual JRE is more like 20MB depending on whether you have linux, windows, or whatever and whether if its 32 bit or 64 bit. It's a lot easier to just tell the user to download from that link then to have to make a bunch of installers for specific OSs.
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