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    Question How to read from PC Sensors (MB temperatures, CPU temperatures, FAN speed, etc.)

    Hello all

    Before start questioning you silly things - to introduce myself :8) :
    Student (not good at all), which has the idea to write Java Desktop gadget, which reads the computers sensors and displays their current state - without any other software to be run.

    The idea came very easy:
    First I need it, and after a lot of time spend on googling such things, I got pissed off of things, which are useful for me only in some parts and not at all.
    Second the Idea to be in Java is inspired from the need to write a Project for one of my exams, which is coming after a month.

    The easy part is the interface .. buttons, fields, HTML etc. The hard part for me is also the most important: The actual reading of the sensors. Once after I know how to read from them I can store the data and operate with it in hundreds of ways... But how to read it?

    I've done a lot of googling also for this and it seems it could not be done directly.. or my googling was just a waste of time.

    Please help me with some Knowledge.. I will appreciate it!
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    Default Re: How to read from PC Sensors (MB temperatures, CPU temperatures, FAN speed, etc.)

    Your question has nothing to do with SWT/JFace. I'm moving the thread to New to Java.

    Additionally, Java is a bad choice for a program that needs low-level interaction with hardware. What you describe cannot be accomplished in pure Java.

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