I've already asked this java-related question on a .Net forum with no luck.

I'm a Visual Basic.Net programmer using Microsoft's Webbrowser control to navigate various websites as to automate PDF downloads. This Webbrowser control provides an Html Document object allowing me to access each of the HTML elements on the page. Generally I just loop through the elements until I find the desired anchor or button by name or ID, and then call Button.Click or Anchor.Click to traverse the website and download PDFs.

This has worked fine for several websites, but the Wells Fargo website expects the user to mouse-select items from a java-based treeview. When I loop through the elements on the page, all I encounter for the treeview is a single <object> element, I don't seem to have any access to the individual nodes on the treeview and consequently cannot select those nodes programmatically.

The other problem is that I don't know any java and, even if I did, I'm not sure whether this is do-able even in java. Nonetheless I'd be willing to learn a little java and take a stab at this if anyone has any suggestions on how to accomplish it.

A few years ago I faced a task which demanded a little java and I somehow managed to get it done. I downloaded the Netbeans IDE and kept plugging away at it until I made some progress...