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    Default How many words in a joptionpane

    Ok, i am 2 days away from an IT exam, i have a general idea of whats in it, i need to write a program, that counts how many words are there in a sentence via a joptionpane, how should i do this, i havent learnt tokens and stuff, but i know scanners and string handing, i wanted to somehow store the input so it can be scanned and i can count how many " " there are and space++ in a for loop, any advice?

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    Default Re: How many words in a joptionpane

    Take a closer look at the java.util.Scanner class. You can define a delimiter pattern that will help you read the string as a tokens from the sentence. Here is a link to the Scanner javadoc for you to start: Scanner (Java Platform SE 7 )

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    Default Re: How many words in a joptionpane

    Quote Originally Posted by Innes381 View Post
    any advice?
    Getting user input
    Separating the words
    Showing the output

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