Trying to upgrade and existing pc based till system and a smaller footprint using a Shuttle pc.. I posted this in a Microsoft forum and they suggested I might like to post in a Java forum for further help.. I'm very new to Java.. So...

Shuttle bought as small footprint pc. for Java based Till system (Openbravopos). This was loaded with Win Xp Pro Service Pack 3 but I got messages that Intel GMA 3600 drivers were not available for XP, everything else worked except no Java to run till software. Re built shuttle with Lubuntu and everything worked but no driver for Elo Touch screen or USB Printer support readily found. Re- installed XP and tried again, with ordinary 17 inch LCD monitor. Bought download copy of Win 7 Home and installed via USB stick.. Much the same results as with XP. Setting aside the till system, any Java based program gives the same result; 'Java SE is stopped, and windows reports the problem. I've tired with Java SE 6-32, Java 7 and even the latest copy of Java 8. All the Intel GMA drivers are in place, and nothing in the Device manger is showing as a problem. I have cleaned up the disk and got rid of the windows.old folders. My AV is Microsoft Security.

Everything worked in Linux (Lubuntu) ELO Touch Screen ( but not touch), Java programs and Java based till system Openbravopos worked fine with limitations which I might find work-arounds, based on this think it boils down to: a 'rights' problem, a memory or hardware conflict, I cannot open Java console, but if I do a test it tells me I have Java installed. The Hello World program doesn't work, and I downloaded Dr Java application and the examples from princeton University... none of these run..

any leads would be most welcome