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Thread: Wait for ActionEvent

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    Default Wait for ActionEvent


    Trying to write a program that involves waiting for a command from the user to do something. More specifically, I want a command from a JTextField to be executed whenever the "Enter" key is pressed. I'm trying to set a String equal to that value, but not sure how to pause and wait. CountDownLatch? Semaphore? Probably not even on the right track with those.

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Wait for ActionEvent

    You can include a button with an ActionListener. Once user enters command into textfield they must click the button and the action will be fired.

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    Default Re: Wait for ActionEvent

    You can add an ActionListener to a JTextField. Go through the tutorial linked from the API, where you will find code snippets.

    In an event driven scenario, you do not need to 'pause and wait.'

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