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    Default Getting Java To Use Values In A Text File

    I'm a beginner programmer, and I want to use values written in a text file in my java program.

    I don't want to enter the strings directly into the program code.

    It is difficult to explain, but I'll try. I have a text file with:

    Title: Lost in the subway
    situation1: you wake up on a bench in a subway tunnel. Do you:
    action1: talk to the old lady at the platform
    action2: wait for the train
    situation2: the old lady looks away
    action3: poke her

    And I want Java to read the text file and display "Lost in the subway" as a title.
    Then I want to display situation1, and then display the corresponding actions.
    And then there is this in another text file:
    s1: a1, a2
    s2: a2, a3

    And I want java to use this to display the actions that correspond with the situation.

    If anyone could help me with this, that would be wonderful. I want to be able to write lots of stories, and not have to mess with the java code every time.

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    Default Re: Getting Java To Use Values In A Text File

    I'd recommend doing a quick google search of "java file io" as a first stab.
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