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Thread: Problem with eclipse?

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    Question Problem with eclipse?

    I'm now switched over to eclipse from VIM. I'm still new to Java. For example this simple program:
    Java Code:
    When I compile/run with VIM. I run with "java IfStatement 1" then it will show whether the results according to the If Statements.

    But when I use eclipse and hit the run button it tend to give me this error:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
    at IfStatement.main(
    I couldn't seem to input my number. So I'm not sure how to run with eclipse.

    Can you sort this out for me? Thanks

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    Default Re: Problem with eclipse?

    First of all, you should post your code here in the form of an SSCCE. Some of us (including myself) are behind firewalls that block sites like mediafire.

    Secondly, this has nothing to do with eclipse. That is a runtime error, and you'd get the same thing no matter how you were running it.

    Try compiling and running from the command line to see what I mean.
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    Default Re: Problem with eclipse?

    Quote Originally Posted by D-X69 View Post
    Can you sort this out for me? Thanks
    Also in Eclipse you have to specify command line arguments (your program expects them). Define a 'Configuration'; i.e. specify that you want to run a Java application (not an Applet), define a name for the Configuration and define the main class to be started. The dialog has a tab where you can define the command line arguments for that main class. Just play a bit with it and you'll figure it out.

    kind regards,

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