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    Default Need help adding a "randomizer" to this code.

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm using the code below to rotate between some testimonials for my website and I realized that it would be better to make the order random rather than always cycling the same each time to be sure the later ones get equal visibility on the home page. I found the code and tweaked it as I needed but I'm not familiar enough with java to know how to add a randomizing component. I'd appreciate any help offered since I hope it's straight forward enough for someone who knows the language well.

    Thanks a lot!

    var quote=new Array();
    quote[0]="An essential tool in preparation for any show. Valuable time is saved, refining vocals much earlier in the process.";
    quote[1]="Invaluable for learning vocal lines! A brilliantly simple and easy to use interface that saved me hours of time.";
    quote[2]="MixMyPart saved us almost a week of rehersal time. A brilliant invention. Singers come in less nervous and more focused.";
    <!-- quote[3]="An invaluble tool for learning vocal lines! Brilliantly simple and easy to use interface that saved me hours of time.";

    var quoteperson=new Array();
    quoteperson[0]="Bob Foster, <font color=\"ffffff\">Music Director</font>";
    quoteperson[1]="Liam Tobin, <font color=\"ffffff\">Actor</font>";
    quoteperson[2]="Shawn Wright, <font color=\"ffffff\">Actor</font>";
    <!-- quoteperson[3]="Liam Tobin, <a href=\"website.html\" target=\"_blank\"></a>";

    var speed=9000;
    var q=0;

    function showQuote() {
    document.getElementById("tst").innerHTML="&ldquo;" +quote[q]+"&rdquo;";
    document.getElementById("tstperson").innerHTML=quo teperson[q];
    if(q==quote.length) {

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    Default Re: Need help adding a "randomizer" to this code.

    That's not Java. Find a JavaScript forum. This isn't one.


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