Hi there I have created a link to a ms acess 2003 db and sucessfully ran and tested it out. What I am now after is a means to populate a table with information from an SQL query. After a button press event. The app uses a software development DB.The sequence of events is as follows;

1) User clicks button which opens up a JFrame with a table which hold the results of query from the request page. T
2) The results of the previous query are then populated into the table on the next page via a while loop.

Rough idea on my code -
{ String d1 = rs.getString("developerID");
String d2 = rs.getString("developerName");
String d3 = rs.getString("Avaiable");

model.addRow(new Object[]{d1, d2, d3});

This is rough idea, my main problem is that I do not know how to reference a table from outside its Jframe. Sorry I am still very new to this language. The name of the Jtable on the 2nd page is "AvailableDevelopersTbl" and the class which it belongs to is "AvailableDevelopersReport". Any help would be much appreciated.