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    Default minor major exception


    I have created an applet called in a package called package_applet.
    this package is placed in a folder called src.

    I have put the FirstApplet.class file in the bin folder situated at the same level than the src folder.
    I can not reach this file because i receive this error message" can not find the Firstapplet.class file.

    Can you tell me which path i have to write in the "codebase" parameter of the FirsApplet.html file which is placed also in the package_applet package( which is under the src folder).

    Other question, in another situation , i have received this message :

    Exception: java.lang UnsupportedClass Version Error :FirstApplet :unsupported major.minor version 51.0

    What kind of error is it?

    How can i repare it?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Best regards
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    Default Re: minor major exception

    unsupported major.minor version 51.0
    It was compiled with java version 1.7 and executed with an older version.
    Either execute with version 1.7
    or compile with older version of java
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