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Thread: Does there exist a large sorted archive of source code for small to medium programs?

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    Default Does there exist a large sorted archive of source code for small to medium programs?

    I'm trying many things to learn java including reading, practicing and following youtube tutorials but I have another idea for learning how to program.

    maybe it would be a good idea to spend some time analysing existing programs (you know, make uml diagrams from it and learn what techniques they used)

    maybe I just need to spend some time analysing code in this way. Then when I'm asked to do something I can think back to the different design patterns I have seen.

    so I arrive to the title of this thread... I dont really know what java resources exist out there, examples are nice but I'd like to see working programs that are also not too difficult to understand (hence sorted by complexity would be good)

    does such a resource exist?

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    Default Re: Does there exist a large sorted archive of source code for small to medium progra

    I like Camickr's site: Java Tips Weblog. It contains a lot of useful examples (mainly Swing related).

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: Does there exist a large sorted archive of source code for small to medium progra

    There are always the java tutorials which sometimes include code for complete mini programs.The Java™ Tutorials

    Also, while mostly not programs in their own right, the apache commons repository has a huge amount of code: Source Repositories

    Patterns and the like are almost universal, so any pattern you really learn is probably applicable in any language in some way/shape/form. For me, the best way to learn was to have a particular project/program in mind. Then, put in the time and effort needed to implement the project in java. If you find yourself in over your head, put it on the back burner and attack another, maybe more simplistic or different project.

    I learned more from trying to implement an end-goal than I ever did from a tutorial about a minute detail. For me some of the highlights were:
    - Text based adventure games
    - particle simulations
    - pixel toys
    - game of life style sims
    - falling sand games
    - animation
    - image manipulation
    - video filters
    - motion detection
    - algorithm visualization (like sort algorithms working on beans or graphs or whatnot)
    - network drawing programs (I thought of draw something years ago; I should have released it!)
    - network games like chess
    - IRC client server apps for chat+file transfer
    - Drive utilization graphs (and graphing in general)
    - Bots (scripting repetitive tasks)
    - evolutionary algorithms
    - image vectorization and compression
    These were all things that grabbed my interest at one time or another, maybe one of these topics will inspire you!
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